Our Services

Our goal at McArthur Animal Hospital is to keep your pet happy and healthy. One of the ways we do that is by offering a variety of services, such as preventative care, surgery, radiography, and more. Please click on a subject below to learn more…

Preventative Care

Annual health exams are one of the most important things you can do for your pet. Bringing them in on an annual basis allows us to see mild changes in them that may otherwise go unnoticed. Because pets age at a much faster rate than we do, skipping just one annual health exam could be like you not going to the doctor for nearly a decade! At the annual visit, we discuss nutrition, weight, their daily routine/exercise, dental health, monitor any changes, such as heart murmurs, lumps/bumps, arthritis, and discuss any concerns you may have. They also get their annual vaccinations, heartworm test (for dogs), intestinal parasite test, and anything else they may need.


In addition to spaying and neutering your dog or cat, we offer a variety of surgical services. We perform lumpectomies (skin tumor removal), cystotomies (surgical removal of bladder stones), dental cleanings and extractions, amputations, and declaws, just to name a few. If one of our veterinarians is not comfortable with performing a surgery, he/she will happily refer your pet to a more specialized or board-certified surgeon. For instance, certain orthopedic surgeries are often performed at referral practices.


Digital radiography is a helpful diagnostic tool when your pet is sick or injured. It exposes your pet to minimal radiation and takes just a few seconds (assuming they cooperate)! We are able to diagnose things like broken bones, bladder stones, organ enlargement/displacement, heart problems, and most fun of all, count puppies/kittens. We hope your pet never needs to visit our radiology room, but it’s here if they need it.

Medical Boarding

We offer boarding for our patients that can’t go out of town with their owners. We have spacious runs for larger dogs, and several cages of all sizes for dogs and cats. We provide bedding, bowls, and Science Diet food. Of course, if you prefer we feed them their own diet, we can do that, too. Dogs get walked three times daily, and cats have their litterboxes scooped twice daily. Medication is given at no additional charge. You may stop in at any time for a tour, but please keep in mind we are cleaning/feeding the dogs first thing in the morning and at the end of the day.